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Short story analysis of “The Romance of Busy Broker” By O Henry

1.    Introduction
       Short story is the term of literary works which is interesting to analyze. Since hundreds years ago, people like to read many short stories. Because it has unique characteristic that can stop red in one time of sitting. The variant of short stories day by day have developed, such as fiction, nonfiction, auto biography, and etc.
       Fiction story, which have many imagination things around it, has loved by many people. Analyzing short story has much done by many literary lovers. They use intrinsic and extrinsic approach for analyzing the short story. By analyzing short story we can know deeply about the short story, especially something implicitly behind the story.
       In this paper, the researcher focuses to analyze the short story of “the Romance of Busy Broker” by O Henry, using intrinsic approach. This paper is aimed to analyze the element – element of short story. Such as plot, setting, character, theme, and etc
       The short story “the romance of busy a Broker “is the great literary work which written by O Henry. He was an excellent writer and very talented in writing surprise endings to all of his stories ("O Henry"). He wrote about average people living in New York City, this influenced the settings of most his stories by giving the reader a visual of the senses he wrote about. In the stories "A Romance of a Busy Broker which was written by O Henry, both are influenced by O Henry's life and talents. Also used in his stories were many literary elements such as, characterization, situational irony, symbolism, and foreshadowing.

2.    The analysis of the short story

This paper is analyzing the short story “the romance a busy broker “by O Henry. The analysis of the story is depending on the element of story. There are explained below:

a.         Plot
o   The structure of plot
-          Beginning
                        One Fine morning Maxwell enters the office in the usual schedule
-          Rising action
Maxwell asked pitcher to look for another stenographer, it show when Ms Leslie ask “did Mr. Maxwell say anything yesterday about engaging another stenographer?” it’s actually Mr. Pitcher misunderstands call for a replacement stenographer to replace Miss. Leslie
-          Climax
When Ms Leslie told to Maxwell that he was so busy in his works so he forgot everything. Then she tells that both of them have got married in the previous evening at 08 o’clock at the little church around the corner.
o   The laws of plot
·      Surprise   
When Ms Leslie tells to Maxwell that they have been marries in the previous church, actually the writer use surprise ending to make the reader shock. At the beginning reader leaded that Ms Leslie is only the secretary and will fired, but suddenly when Maxwell propose her, she tell that they have been married.
·      Suspense
When Maxwell say that he want to ask Love to Ms Leslie, in here the reader are persuaded that there must be something happen after this.
·      Foreshadowing
"Pitcher, still mildly curious, noticed a difference in her ways this morning...
That part shows that even thought Miss. Leslie was quite Mr. Pitcher could still see that something was different in the way she acted. Another example of foreshadowing is when tears started to fill up in Miss. Leslie's eyes after being told by Mr. Maxwell that he loves her and wants her hand in marriage.
b.         Character
-          Major Character : Maxwell, Ms Leslie
-          Minor Character : Pitcher
-          Flat Character : Ms Leslie
-          Round Character : Maxwell
-          Dynamic Character : Pitcher

o   Character Analysis
Henry Maxwell
Ms Leslie
-          Expressionless countenance
-          Keen grey eye
-          Beautiful
-          Softly, Shiny radiant
-          Dreamily bright eyes
-          Genuine peach blow check
-          Use grey dress and plain turban

Confidential clerk
-          Impersonal
-          Brusque
-          Impatiently
-          Patient
-          Happy
-          Cry

Forget that Leslie has been his wife
-          Not the air of accepting luncheon invitation
-          Patient force her husband
-          Obedient
-          Misunderstanding with Maxwell about new stenographer
-          Construe Ms Leslie
-          Curious
-          Mild interest
Hard work
-          Wise
-          Patient
-          obedient

In this story the reader used direct and indirect method of characterization. Because he tells the characterization by showing what the character looks like directly, and by catch up for what happen in the story.
o    Ultimately
This is about, what we can learn from the character that appears in the story. Such as from Ms Leslie, we can learn about her wise and patient face his husband, even he is a forgetful man.
c.         Setting
o    Physical Setting
-                      New York Stock Exchange
-                      Maxwell office
-                      Maxwell’s room
-                      Inner office
o    Geographical location
-                      The office
-                      The machine sitting at the desk
-                      The desk telephone had a chronic attack of buzzing
-                      There is a chair in the exchange
-                      Inner office
o    Time
-                      In morning
-                      Previous day
-                      On 9.45
-                      Luncheon hour
-                      Evening,08 o’clock
o    Social setting
-                      High class

In this story the writer use third point of view, because he show all the character from outside. On the other hand the writer also became omniscient narrator, because he enters the mind of any character, for example: Pitcher, still mildly curious, noticed a difference in her ways this morning. It is show that the writer tells the reader directly what pitcher thinking.
d.        Theme
The theme of this short story is about love, because it tells about the romance of busy broker that very busy, then he become forgetful. Even, he can forget his wife, he ask his wife again to marry him. His wife actually very wise, she doesn’t angry what her husband’s have done. She was remembering again to Maxwell, that they have married at last evening at 08 o’clock.
o    Moral value
-                      Don’t always think that job is everything
-                      Always remember your family
-                      Be patient to face forgetful man
-                      Don’t force yourself to work hard

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